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Your first step in becoming a foster parent is to contact Family Builders and we will walk you
through the certification process. We are in need of single and two-parent families who
are able to provide safe and loving homes to children in need.

We value and highly support our foster parents. Our team approach to working with families 
has led to successfully touching the lives of hundreds of children.

What Foster Parents Do

  • Give a child a safe and supportive temporary home
  • Understand and accept a childs sense of loss and need to heal
  • Accept and nutrue a child not born to them
  • Be self confident, but not afraid to ask for help or support when needed
  • Work with social workers, teachers, therapists & community partners
  • Be willing to keep kids connected to their family & community
  • Support racial and cultural diversity
  • Be patient, yet persistent
  • Accept children for who they are, helping them grow into successful,
    competent adults
  • Teach the foster child morals and values
  • Teach them that it is ok to tell an adult if someone is hurting them


  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • You can either be single, married or partnered
  • Complete the certification process, including a home study interview with a
    Family Builders social worker & a full home inspection
  • Have transportation that is operable, safe & has the appropriate number of seat belts
  • Maintain a home in compliance with Community Care Licensing regulations &
    Family Builders’ policies
  • Home should always be child ready during certification period
  • Use discipline in the home that is free from corporal punishment & designed
    to nurture rather than harm a child’s’ self esteem
  • Cooperate with Family Builders & Child Welfare Services in assuring the child accepts
    weekly home visits by a Family Builders social worker
  • Accept each child’s limitation & have realistic expectations for the child attend foster
    parent trainings; twenty five hours of training is required per year
  • Responsible for making sure child is able to attend all appointment, therapy sessions,
    and family visits.
  • Have a steady income.

Important Regulations

  • When considering certification, parents should be aware of the following regulations:
  • Foster parents or a qualified substitute (responsible adult who is
    18 year or older) must be present at all times when the children are in the home.
  • All foster parents and qualified substitutes must be fingerprinted, have
    CPR/First Aid Certification, and pass a health screen (including TB test)
  • No more than 2 children may share a bedroom. Children who share a
    room busy be of the same gender (unless they are both under age 5)
  • No bedroom can be commonly used for any other purpose (such as family room).
  • Any swimming pool, wading pool, spa or fish pond must be made
    inaccessible to children by use of a cover or five foot fence that meets
    specific Health and Safety Codes. An adult with a valid water safety certificate
    must supervise children any time they use a pool or other body of water from
    which rescue require the ability to swim.
  • Appropriate discipline and behavior modification techniques must be used in
    the home at all times. Children must not be subjected to physical or emotional abuse.