Become a Foster Parent

Do you believe you can make a difference in the life of a child? Are you willing to open your home and heart to a child that has been neglected, abused and abandoned? Do you have the patience and understanding necessary to help a child?

Our Resource Parents (previously known as Foster Parent) are carefully chosen for their integrity, personal maturity and desire to model positive life choices for minor/non-minor dependent children. These children need more than just food and shelter until their emancipation or reunification with their biological families. The Family Builders team is dedicated to providing stable, intensive, and therapeutic services for our minor/non-minor dependent children. Agency staff will be working with each resource parent and coordinating with members of the professional community to continually assess, therapeutically treat, and attentively provide for the individual needs of each child placed in a certified Family Builders Foster Home.

Unfortunately, not all children in the Child Welfare System receive more than rudimentary care. A lack of comprehensive support services often results in high turnover rates for resource home placements. As these fragile children are uprooted from one unsuccessful home placement to another, their increasingly negative behaviors and vulnerable images of self-esteem reflect their growing sense of failure. This devastating pattern illustrates the need for a more individualized approach to foster care. With handpicked resource parents, appropriate social service referrals, and the strong system of support provided by the staff at Family Builders, a sound resource home environment is available for the children in our care.

Treatment Philosophy

It is the philosophy of Family Builders that participation in foster care is a continual learning experience for all parties involved. Family Builders acknowledges that:

  • We each accrue our own life experiences and wisdom.
  • We each draw upon our life experiences when making decisions.
  • We each make the healthiest decisions when we receive the support necessary to positively integrate our life experiences with our current choices.

Family Builders Foster Care, Inc. will ensure appropriate resources are available to meet the needs of our resource parents. Family Builders is non-discriminatory and will afford equal treatment for children and families of any race, origin, color, religion or sex. We, at Family Builders, will endeavor to promote the self-esteem, purpose, wisdom, and value of all people.

Resource Parent certification is for one (1) year.  At the end of the certification year, the resource parent is re-certified if all training hours are completed. Re-certification transpires if the resource parent and the agency agree to do so. If at any time the resource parent or the agency desires to terminate certification, the process will be done in writing.

Resource Parent Role

  • Provides temporary care for children; helps them feel accepted and secure.
  • Provides guidance, discipline, a good example and as many positive life experiences as possible.
  • Encourages and supervises school attendance.
  • Attends to the child’s regular and/or special medical, dental and mental health needs.
  • Assists a child in achieving his or her permanency goal, whether it is reunification with biological family members, adoption, or stable, long-term foster care.
  • Helps the child adjust emotionally to the stress of separation and placement.
  • Informs the agency social worker promptly about any problems that arise or services that are needed.
  • Transports child to all medical appointments, school, and court proceedings if necessary.